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Catalog essay for Leah Oates (PDF)

Introduction to Goodloe Byron’s book,
The Abstract

The Artistsbook Library at Proteus Gowanus

New York (PDF)
catalog essay for A Tale of Two Cities

Online Articles about Maddy Rosenberg

First COSMO Art Festival by COSMO Art & Science Foundation

Cosmo Art Festival: Press release

Sandstone Steps Project and an Artist in Residence at The Crichton

The Crichton Blog

John McDowall on AMBruno’s 2022 Margins project

Small Publishers Fair Blog

Maddy Rosenberg B.F.A. ’77 Creating and Curating Different Worlds

Cornell AAP Alumni Archive by Elisa Gallaro

Maddy Rosenberg in LATEST NEWS from Art in Brooklyn

Art in Brooklyn

Arts Houston review of exhibition at Wade Wilson Art

Website version

Online Magazine version
Garland Fielder, “Anne Appleby and
Maddy Rosenberg/ Wade Wilson Art,
“ ArtsHouston, June 2008, p. 50-51

Speculative Ruins: Maddy Rosenberg and the Artist’s Book

Haber’s Art Reviews by John Haber

Between the Covers review of the exhibition Dialogue and the Artist’s Book

Haber’s Art Reviews by John Haber


Breakfast Talk at Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center (Video)

Houston Public Radio

Marginalia (PDF)

Print Articles and Reviews 
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Arts & Métiers du Livre 
Christophe Comentale
Winter 2007

BAC profile
Winter 2006

Maddy Rosenberg’s Speculative Ruins 
Artist’s Book Review
John Haber

Review of “A Tale of Two Cities” 
Art Review
Emma Hill

Printmaking Today
Winter 2004